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joins us from the summit on highway 17 with more on what kept the chp most busy today. kris? >> reporter: hi there, janelle. luckily for me, no need for an umbrella right now. but we certainly got rain earlier. we saw fog and lots of high winds. the chp was out in force. they don't have specific numbers for us just yet, but we can tell you they were going from call to call. frustration on highway 17 north of the summit as traffic backed up for miles after the driver of a white cargo van spun out and blocked half of the highway. oak stowell of los gatos saw that. >> we were getting by fine until this semitruck came by and the van and the wall. >> reporter: the crash happened along highway 17's infamous s-curve. the road is so tight that the chp officer had to push the van with his patrol car because not even a tow truck could make it through. at the summit we found a business manager named, no joke, joe weatherman. >> the chp sitting up here are never sit hearing for more than four minutes because this road makes people crazy. they drive too fast. they don't pay attention to the condition
later to investigate. >> responding earlier this morning that prevented us coming in a more timely manner to this event is a series of accidents along santa teresa. one of the vehicles, which had been reported earlier, had actually driven into the house. >> reporter: when they did arrive, police had to wait another hour for animal control to remove a rottweiler and another dog so they could enter the unlocked home. that's when they found the woman dead. police are not releasing her name until they can notify her family. but they say they are definitely looking for man who lives here, who may be the victim's husband, and possibly another woman who lived here. neighbor marla hall said she often saw the victim out walking her dog. she says she is scared. >> especially if it's a homicide. i'm stunned. because you don't think that happens in this neighborhood. >> reporter: this is san jose's 41st homicide of the year, the highest murder count in 15 years. police admit budget cuts are impacting the crime rate. >> i think if we have more resources available at the time, we certainly could
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2